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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Necklace with Twin Beads

Necklace with Twin Beads 

Material list:

Twin Beads 3 colors;
11\0 Seed Beads 2 colors;
Beading needle;
FireLine 0.008”
2 wire protector
2 jump rings.

I saw pictures of many beaded projects made with twin Beads. They appeared so gorgeous. I wondered how people could be so skillful using this stubborn material. So, I’ve decided to try this material to create something for myself. 

I found a wide variety of colors at the crafting store. After several experiments with matching colors of seed beads and twin beads I made a decision: brown and silver colors for seed beads and the same brown, and then lilac and blue for twin beads.
If you are going to try to make this necklace you probably better check this video,in this video I speak my native language. Some people really need to see the diagram; therefore, I posted it for better visualization.

Every new line exists separately but are still connected with the previous line. The pattern is very sensitive to the size of the seed beads and twin beads. If the shape is not perfect you may need to make an adjustment.