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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bracelet with Gunmetal Cup Chain Strand

Bracelet with Gunmetal Cup Chain Strand


Gunmetal Cup Chain Strand - 7”
8mm pearl – 88
4mm pearl – 182
2 jump rings
FireLine 0.008” crystal clear
2 beading needles

I have a Gunmetal Cup Chain Strand with 4-5mm crystals.

Thread 2 needles wit 2.2m Of FireLine. String 6 pearls size 4mm. Then with the right needle I pick up 2 more 4mm pearls and cross these pearls with the second needle.

My Gunmetal Cup Chain Strand has 18 crystals. I am going to make 17 more circles. Pick up 2 pearls with each needle and cross both needles through two new pearls.

For attaching chain wrap the thread around the chain and go through the middle pearls and then through the next 2 pearls. Do the same with the second needle sowing toward the first needle.

Repeat this step to the entire length. So, we attached beaded chain to the cup chain.
Secure and cut the thread.

We need a new thread as long as it possible for you to work with. Thread 2 needles.
String 2 pearls size 4mm and an 8mm pearl. Go with the right needle through the 2 pearls on the left side. Then cross both needles through a new 8mm pearl. Pull the thread.

Repeat this step to the entire length. Then weave into the pattern exiting your thread on the opposite side.

Complete your work securing the thread. Cut the thread.

Open a jump ring. Attach the bracelet and a half of the clasp and close the jump ring. Repeat this on the opposite side

If you still have a questions check this video. It is easy and doesn't take long.