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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Triple Shamballa Bracelet

Triple Shamballa Bracelet

Cord 1mm diameter
Spacers 8mm
2 jump ring

First – cut 12 lengths of cord, 6 about 17 inches long, and 6 about 35 inches long.

Secure the ends with the lighter.
 Fold the piece of cord in half (12”) and make a loop to connect a charm.

Tape the cord onto the work surface to prevent moving.
Fold in half a 33” cord.
 For the first knot make a loop and place it under the center cord.
Pass left over the loop

Pull both sides of the thread.

 Pass right strand under the center.
Pass left strand through the loop made by right strand. 
Pull it tight.
Repeat it 17 more times.
 Do the same on the opposite side of the charm.

Repeat it with a watch using 2 strands 17” long and 2 strands 35” long. You can add 4 spacers on each side.

Make the third line.
 So, you will have three equal bracelets unfinished.
Glue the ends
Cut the ends.
 Singe the ends with a lighter.
Place into the clasp.

Attach a clasp and a jump ring.